Your Turn - Jim Cerreta, CBO of Sonoma County Office of Education

pic_news_Your_Turn_Jim_CerretaThis “Your Turn” is with Jim Cerreta, CBO of Sonoma County Office of Education. Our own Kathy Carlson is the interviewer. KATHY: Hi Jim! We go back quite a ways, don't we?

JIM: We sure do, we worked together at Shasta Union HSD back in the 90's. I was the CBO and you were a payroll technician.

KATHY: And we implemented the original Escape system together!

JIM: Yes we did. I'm glad that leaving the district to join Escape Technology worked out well for you.

KATHY: It's been quite a journey. I have implemented Escape systems at lots of districts and COE's. But anyway, I want to add my congratulations on your new position at Sonoma COE, and say "welcome back to the Escape family."

JIM: Thanks Kathy, it's exciting to be back. I've worked in a variety of school environments and with multiple financial systems and nothing has changed my sense that Escape is the most user friendly, efficient system in school business. I particularly appreciate the service and support Escape provides, it's second to none.

KATHY: I'm really happy that you feel Escape is the best school business software you have worked with, and again, welcome back.