Friday Feature - Defining Retros

Friday Feature LogoOne year ago, I wrote a Friday Feature about retroactive pay. I thought it was an awesome process then, but now it is even more awesomer! (Yes, I made that word up because the new way of selecting assignments and addons is so fantastic, it needed a brand new word.) Let me show you how important this feature is and why we are always improving it for our customers. This year, so far, our customers have performed 455 retros!

What we have done with the Retro Payroll activity is split out the selection of assignments and addons. Now, you can be as specific as you need to be.  Let's look at three examples.

Ok. Here is the first one. You can see that the Assignments flag is set to YES. That means the retro is going to apply to all assignments for all employees that meet the criteria. You can also see that there is a list of addons. These are the longevity addons. I simply opened the lookup and picked them. I can pick whatever I want, as many as I want.


Here's the next one. It is for assignments only. It looks a lot like the one I just did, only there are no addons listed. That means that ONLY assignment pay will have the retro applied. No addons, regardless of how they are related to the employee's pay will be included in the retro. Powerful!


And, now for the finale! Addons only. What we see here is that the Assignments flag is set to NO and there is a list of professional growth addons. Only those addons will have the retro applied. Again, all I have to do is use the lookup and select one, two, fifteen addons for the retro. And, of course, no matter which option I use, I get to review the list of employees before posting.



What is even more amazing is that all of these options are being used by our customers, bringing back the deserved salaries to school employees!