The Business of Software Conference 2014


Seven years ago, I attended the first "Business of Software" (or BoS) conference, which was in San Jose. I felt it was very helpful, but the next year the organizers moved it to Boston and we had not attended since then. Early this year I decided it would be good for Ramona and me to attend this year's conference, held in September. bos-0697

We arrived late Saturday night. Sunday we had a long walk, then met up with people from our group for a "photo walk," which was very enjoyable.


The conference was held at the Boston World Trade Center, a fantastic facility, with several hotels nearby.


The conference format is speakers utilizing about an hour each. All the speakers are from software companies, and the topics varied widely. Some topics included company culture, marketing/sales, technical issues, management, and success stories.


One company there in force was Axosoft, which makes the OnTime software we use for incident tracking and development management. When they found out we were users, the president asked us "what's the worst thing about our program?" Ramona didn't delay - "the customer portal!"

Most of the content was excellent, and relevant to Escape Technology. We also made some new friends. There were both smaller companies than us, and larger. At the Escape quarterly meeting that followed the conference, Ramona and I briefed our team on many of the new ideas we came up with.  There were also many books on our industry, and a few of those have turned out to be gems. We are in the beginning stages of planning our own user conference for next year and just seeing how professionally this one was run was great input.

We want to be a great software company and have the happiest users we can. Having our people experience what is going on in the larger technology world will be beneficial to each and every end user. I feel it was an excellent investment.