No Regrets

What an era!  For those of you that have been following our FB page, it’s no surprise that our own Gayle Lucas is retiring…today in fact!  She’s had a wonderfully diverse career, 19 different jobs before starting at Escape, and lucky for us and our customers, she finished on a high note here at Escape. gayle1

When I asked Gayle about her time at Escape, here is what she had to say.

Nineteen years ago, I worked at a school district that installed Escape Classic.  I was very involved in the implementation and loved the software.  A year later, I was offered a position at Escape and my instinct was to jump at the chance, but my cautious side made me list the pros and cons before making any rash decisions.  And the one thing that became apparent was that, more than anything, I wanted to work with people who were passionate about what they did.  So here I’ve been and I’ve never regretted it.

Now that the time has come to retire (yay!) I’m reflecting on all that I’ve done.  I started out in Customer Care and loved helping our customers.  The best part was getting to know each one, so it seemed like I was helping friends.

After Customer Care, I did implementations of our Escape Classic system and when Escape Online 5 was available, I converted many of those same customers to the new system.  It was so much fun revisiting years later and in many cases, working with the same people.  I’ve felt a special connection with every implementation I’ve done and the hardest part is when I have to let them go.

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunities that Escape has provided.  The Escapees I work with are an incredibly intelligent and motivated group but they are also caring and compassionate, starting with the owners down to each co-worker.  Oh, and they’re also FUN! I will miss you all!

And we will miss you too Gayle, but we know we’ll see you often!

On Monday, November 3, her first day of retirement, she says she’ll go hiking with her dog Cheyenne, go to the driving range and shop for winter golf pants.  Nice!