Friday Feature - Editing Retirement Lines

Friday Feature LogoWhen it comes to retirement, you want to make sure that the data you give to the PERS or STRS people is right. Sometimes that means that you have to make changes after payroll has been processed. Thank goodness, Escape Online gives you the ability to edit the retirement lines after payroll has been processed. In fact, not only does Escape Online allow specific users to edit the lines, it graphically displays the editing so that you can recognize it straight away. Take this LIVE example as a case in point. There are two areas I want to point out on this screen capture. Let's start with the giant red arrow. It is pointing to the last line, which is crossed out, the universally recognized font for deletion.

So, you guessed it. That last line item was deleted.  But why, you ask?


Great question. Let's focus on the highlighted area. We can see that the first highlighted line has the dates 3/1-3/31, and the second line has 3/24-3/31. The pay was correct so the error was not caught by the payroll technician, but the eagle-eyed retirement specialist caught it.

To change a retirement line is easy. All you have to do is edit it.  But, wait, you say, that seems kind of reckless.  No, not in Escape Online. If you edit a payroll-generated line, Escape Online automatically “copies” the line with the new information and “crosses out” the line with the old information for historical purposes.

Of course, you noticed that the screen capture was from PERS. Well, STRS works exactly the same way with one fabulous addition. If you move earnings forward (i.e., create a supplemental), Escape Online automatically crosses out the "original" information, alerting you that it has been moved forward.

Happy editing!