Friday Feature - Retirement Across the County

Friday Feature LogoContinuing our series of Friday Features about retirement, now I want to focus on the reality of people having jobs at more than one district within a county. Just like Escape Online lets you see accounts across districts (and fiscal years), our retirement activities let you see employee retirement information across districts (and across fiscal and calendar years). The Person record in Escape Online ties the employment records of each district to a single individual record for both PERS and STRS processing. From this single activity, you can view employee demographics, assignments, retirement information and pay detail. It is super handy for researching. Check out the Assignments tab of the Person record, which shows all of the assignments and addons for an individual.

pic_news_ff_RetireMultiOrgPERSFirst, let's look at a PERS member with assignments at two districts. Here we see the member has an assignment in the cafeteria at one organization and an assignment in custodial at another. Having assignments at multiple organizations is very common. At one of our LIVE customers, of their 26,748 active employees, over 2,447 had jobs at more than one district.

Of course, it isn't just PERS members. Lots of substitutes work at multiple districts. Now, they don't have "regular" assignments, they have what we call Addon Pay, or pay that is not associated with a position. In this example, we see that this person has multiple substitute jobs. She works as a Study Hall Substitute at orgs 618 and 616, and she works as a Substitute Teacher at orgs 603 and 618. And, she has been doing this for years.

It is all there, all the information you need, across the county, making your job easier.

Friday Features will be on holiday next week.  May you and all of your loved ones have a very happy Thanksgiving.