Escapee Favorite Books and Movies and Stuff for 2014

Beautiful Woman Enjoys CoffeeBob had the excellent idea to have a blog about Escapees' favorite movies or books of 2014. Since he assigned the gathering of the data to me, the rules were pretty lax, because I am that kind of gal. The movie or book didn't have to be written or produced in 2014, you just had to see it. In fact, it didn't have to be a movie or book. Also, you could nominate both or more than one or whatever. (See what I mean about being lax?)

The list is pretty random. We are a diverse lot. To organize it into some fashion, I put the multiple votes at the top and then tried to group. Since I know you want more info about all of these fantastic movies and books, I linked each entry to IMDB or Good Reads.

Tom Henzie, Software Developer Chad Guest, VP Research and Development Karen Wiker, Finance Expert

  • Favorite Movie: Chef

Dawn Tillman, HR/Payroll Expert John Garcia, Technical Support Analyst

Bob Towery, CEO

Ramona Marshall, COO

Jennifer (JR) Kenney, Software Developer

Ken Custard, Software Developer

Patrick Kinsella, Software Developer

Vijay Goankar, Software Developer

John Rhoadarmer, Data Technician

  • Favorite Movie: Her

Stephanie Fury, Customer Support and QA Manager

Robin Fiske, Quality Assurance

Elen Meltonyan, Team Leader of HR/Payroll Experts

Arin Simonyan, HR/Payroll Expert

Ginny Garcia, HR/Payroll Expert

Robyn Wagenknecht, HR/Payroll Expert

Lora Sutherland, HR/Payroll Expert

Jacque Eischens, Team Leader of Finance Experts

Julie Leaman, Finance Expert

Karen Wiker, Finance Expert

  • Favorite Book: Beautiful Ruins (Yes. Her movie was Chef, listed above.)

Carole Williams, Project Manager

Leslie Bailey, Technical Writer

Since I am an avid reader and watcher of movies, I wish everyone a year as filled with good movies and books as this one!