SSN Changes Are in the Wind

SSNHow many of you keep a post-it note with your husband’s and your children’s social security numbers in your wallet? How many of you keep your own social security card in your wallet? How many of you have texted your SSN to a family member? It’s easy if you are single: you probably have the 9-digit number memorized, things are great, all is under control. But what if you have a husband and two kids? Now you have 4 numbers you have to memorize!! And they make those numbers so long and confusing!!! I have to confess, I was young and careless and carried my SS Card in my wallet for a while– until one day I walked out of a movie theater without my purse – I’ll spare you the details (but if you ever meet another Elen Meltonyan – please call the cops!). Social Security numbers are private and confidential and here at Escape we strive to keep them that way. In our upcoming release you are going to see lots of changes. We have tightened the access to social security number. The ability to view and/or edit is now controlled explicitly through activity/task permissions for each activity that contains an SSN (i.e., Independent Contractors, employees). Check out the Securing SSN blog that explains it all.

In addition to these changes I would like to recommend SSNVS - a service provided by the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Number Verification Service allows employers to verify social security numbers for current and former employees for wage reporting purposes. I loved using this service when I worked in the Payroll department. It’s fast, easy, and ideal for verifying new hires.