Time To Reflect...

imagesBy now you’ve heard from Leslie, Terri, Jennifer and Stephanie on their highlights of 2014. Since I look at things more comprehensively, what stands out for me is a little broader. When I look back, one of the main accomplishments of 2014 was Escape’s ability and willingness to continually evolve our organizational structure, recognize our employees’ strengths and follow through with investing time and money in developing their skill-sets. I had the pleasure of attending several conferences throughout the year with different employees. Getting out of the office and engaging with other companies in the software community has allowed us to grow our professional networks, exposed us to new ideas and helped us determine what improvements were appropriate to implement at Escape. Many of the changes we made have already been mentioned in the other blog posts. Kudos to our team for implementing changes in a timely fashion!

Admittedly, it would be much easier for us to maintain our existing roles and processes but we know that’s not going to get us to the next level as an organization. We have a strong and growing customer base and in order to serve you properly, we need to constantly evaluate what we do and how we do it. Thank you for being supportive of our organizational evolution!

I’ve been equally impressed with our ability as an organization to respond fully to all of the regulatory changes in the past year. To say ACA has been a significant undertaking is an understatement! Jennifer Escamilla, Ginny Garcia and the rest of the HR/Payroll Support team have put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into researching the ACA guidelines (even though many of them are still draft), creating nice visuals of our proposed changes and meeting with all of you to get input on the changes. In addition to ACA, we also had several additional changes required for PERS and STRS. Although I did not hear it personally, I am told that during a state wide meeting, STRS singled out Escape Technology as the only vendor in the state that made the necessary changes for AB1469 by the required deadline!  Wow, I’m very proud to work at an organization that can say that!

My favorite days in 2014 were when customers were in house! Pictured below is the team from St. HOPE Academy that were recently at our office for a full day of training.  st-hope-e1421174448498

As I do every year, I would like to thank you, our customers, for always acknowledging what we do well but also continually pushing us to do better. I’m truly excited about 2015 and what we will accomplish together!