Welcome to the family Rocklin Academy

raIt’s always nice to start the new year with good news, so I’m very pleased to announce that Rocklin Academy recently signed a contract and will be joining the Escape family! Rocklin Academy is a charter school system in Placer County that consists of four school sites and over 2000 students. Kathy Carlson will be the Escape Technology Project Manager leading this ambitious implementation! She’ll be working with Ace Ensign, Director of Finance, and Brigid Perakis, Director of HR & Operations as the main team members from Rocklin Academy with the goal of having them live by July 2015! Wow, that’s only 6 months away! Given the tight timeline, Kathy has already been onsite training both Ace and Brigid so they can begin working on system setup.

Many thanks to Ace, Brigid and the rest of the team from Rocklin Academy for placing their trust in us!

If you’d like to know about the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools please visit their website.