Friday Features - Hop on the (tag) cloud!

With well over 600 blog entries here, we have provided a wealth of useful information about the Escape Online 5 system. Customers/end users have told us they often want to go back and review a past blog post. We listened and figured out a way to make this easier and more productive for them (kind of like our system overall, heh heh).

So, over the holidays, we embarked on a project to tag each blog post with keywords. Once all 630+ blogs were tagged appropriately, we added a "tag cloud." The cloud is on the right side of the blog, just scroll past the Facebook friends, recent posts and categories.

A tag cloud is a list of all of the tags, with each tag sized in its relation to how many times it is used. So, you can see that Budget is bigger than accounts, which is bigger than 1099, which is bigger than ACA, meaning that there are more blogs about budget than 1099, etc.

If you click on a tag in the cloud, you will get a list of every blog that has that tag.

For example, say you want to see every blog about 1099s, with the most recent postings at the top. You would see the Friday Feature I wrote two weeks ago. You would see the review of the 1099 webinar. And, then more Friday Features.

Or, maybe you want to know more about Favorites. It is the same idea. You will get a fantastic list that includes Friday Features about creating favorites, setting default favorites, editing favorites and more. (Here's a fun side note: We also tag customer names. So if you are from Monterey COE, you can go to the tag cloud, find your name and click on it to see all of the blogs we have written that mention you!)

The other nice function of blog tags is that you can see them at the bottom of every post. Here are the tags from last week's Friday Feature about W2 Sort Options. You can see that it has a W2 tag and an Organization Record tag (because that is where you set it).

Even this Friday Feature has a tag, "searching."