Friday Feature - The Never Ending Story: Unending Ranges

Sometimes, you want to see everything from TODAY forward, or even TODAY backward, or for that matter, any day forward or backward. Escape Online lets you do this on search pages using the dot-dot feature. Similar to an ellipsis but with only two periods instead of three, the dot-dot feature lets you specify a date and make it part of an unending range. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's take a look at how this looks!

First, we look to the future. This date range would give you every journal entry with a post date that is today or at any date in the future.

The next graphic is the opposite. It is going to give you every journal entry with a post date of today or at any date in the past.

Now, in most cases, you would enter a fiscal year in this backwards search, but maybe not. Maybe you want to find every journal entry with a particular source that was ever posted. You could do it.

You could also use the dot-dot to create a specific range, like 01/01..01/31 to get only those journal entries posted in the month of January.

This is a never ending story, kind of like the feature list we provide our users!