An Eye On Software Performance

What is fast enough? Some might say that our speed record of 80% of reports running in less than 5 seconds and a whopping 93% running in less than 10 is fast enough, but at Escape, we think we can go faster. So, this coming year, we are going to focus on taking software performance to the next level. Before I dive into the details, let me give you some background. Our customers produce a lot of reports and every year they increase the number of reports they run. Comparing 2013 to 2014, overall report requests increased by almost 100,000. Here are the actual numbers:

Completed Reports (Integrated and Snapshot) in 2013:  2,828,080 Completed Reports (Integrated and Snapshot) in 2014:  2,925,121

Amazingly, the top 10 most popular reports in 2014 were nearly the same as 2013, with the Employee Payroll Snapshot (Pay99) report being number 1. We figured if you want to improve performance, you might as well start with the most popular reports. So, we began at the top. Wasting no time, Escape has already begun work to improve performance of the Employee Payroll Snapshot.  The development team optimized the SQL code and reduced report run time from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.  This improved version of the Employee Payroll Snapshot report is targeted for release 15.01.

1. Employee Payroll Snapshot (PayDtlEmpList99) 2. Account Transaction Detail by Object – Balance (Fiscal03) 3. Account Snapshot (Fiscal99aExpense) 4. Vendor Requisition Snapshot (ReqPay99b – notes and history) 5. Vendor Requisition Snapshot (ReqPay99a – general) 6. Journal Entry Snapshot (ledger99a – general) 7. Account Summary by Object – Balance (Fiscal02) 8. Account Summary – Balance (Fiscal05) 9. Vendor Requisition Snapshot (ReqPay99c – with payments) 10. Requisition Approval Snapshot (ReqApproval99)

The Top 10 most popular activities in 2014 are listed below.  Again, it is nearly the same as the 2013 list.  These activities provide Escape with an insight into what parts of the software are most commonly used and where development resources should be focused as fixes and enhancements are prioritized.  Eight out of the ten activities are "List" type, and the development team is working on strategies to deliver list data more quickly.

1. Employee Management List (HREmploymentMgmtList) 2. Vendor Requisition List (VendorRequisitionList) 3. Adjust Payroll List (HRPayDtlEmpV2ViewList) 4. Payments List (PaymentList) 5. Budget Entry List (BudgetEntryList) 6. Vendor Requisition Form (VendorRequisitionEditForm) 7. Employee Management Form (HREmploymentMgmtForm) 8. Purchasing - Vendors List (VendorList) 9. Journal Entries List (JournalEntryList) 10. AccountList

Initially we will begin our effort by monitoring the performance of reports from release to release. Then, the plan is to track and trend at quarterly intervals.  We’ll report on those findings in future blog articles.  Until then, stay tuned for report performance improvements in the upcoming releases!