Friday Feature - Searching for Accounts Using a Series

Over the last few weeks, you have seen how to search for accounts with blank components and using wildcards. Now, it is time to search for a series of accounts I want to review. Let's say that I only want to see the benefit accounts for certificated management at the local high school. Seems complicated, but it is easy-squeezy using component lookups and the "series" capability. Check it out.

With this search, I limited my results to only those accounts with the following attributes:

  • Certificated benefit account object - Separated by commas, I entered the four objects that are used for certificated benefit accounts: 3101, 3301, 3501, 3601.
  • Location - Using the lookup, I selected the local high school.
  • Bargaining Unit - Using the lookup, I selected the management bargaining unit.

And, the results are perfect!

I get exactly the four accounts I want. I can see the total for each account and a grand total for the balances, encumbrances, expenses, adopted and revised amounts at the bottom of the list.  And, I can double-click on each account to produce a report listing all of the account's activity for the fiscal year.