Friday Feature - Searching for a Range of Accounts

Escape Online provides you with five ways to make your account searches faster! That means that we are about half way through the series on searching for accounts. So far, we have discovered how to search for accounts with blank components, wildcards and commas (series). We still want to cover searching for a range, using aliases and then one last celebratory Friday Feature where we put it all together. Today, we will go over searching for a range of accounts. Let’s say that I only want to see the expense accounts for all my supplies for CAHSEE (California High School Exit Examination). Check it out.

Objects for Supply Expenses. The objects for expense accounts for supplies are in the range of 4300-4599. In Escape Online, all I have to enter is 43-45, using a dash (or two periods) to indicate a range.

Functions for CAHSEE. The functions that cover CAHSEE are in the range of 1100-1199. In Escape Online, all I have to enter is 11. Escape Online translates that as "begins with 11" so I don't have to enter 1100-1199.

When I press GO, what I get is 162 accounts for the General fund for expenses for supplies for this year's CAHSEE.

Now, that's some great productivity: a list of 162 accounts with only three quick entries.  Speaking of quick entry, next week, I will show you how to get one account FAST using an account alias.