Team Escape Salutes Your Accomplishments

One of the most difficult jobs held by Escape's 14,000 users is payroll. California school district payrolls are among the hardest in the USA. We work each year to make sure Escape Online 5 is the best tool for their job, automating payroll as much as possible, and making it the most accurate it can be. And let’s face it, every employee in the greater Escape family of districts, CCD’s, COE’s and charters are indebted to the payroll/retirement techs, right? So today Team Escape salutes your accomplishments!


Who said it – “a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you are talking real money?” If you took all of the dollar bills for all of the salaries Escape Online 5 paid in 2014 and laid them end to end, they would stretch around the Earth more than 250 times! Yeah baby! That is a lot of paychecks (and advices!). Every year our users pay more and more employees. This year we passed 125,000 employees for the first time.


Everyone is concerned about their retirement plans. Building software that calculates accurate retirement contributions and deductions reporting over 2 million individual lines to STRS and PERS is what we are all about. That added up to about $950,000,000 of retirement money for the 125,000 employees paid. Next year we are aiming for over a billion in retirement earnings reported!

We’d call that great work all around!