v15.01 is a Record Breaker!

We hit a new record! We had an all-time high of 118 connections for the live v15.01 Release Review!

This was one of the most exciting webinars for me. I had a fabulous time showing everything, with Leslie running the chat box, answering all of your questions.

There’s no way for me to pick just one favorite new feature released in 15.01, so I’ll name a few.

Like the new Report Favorites activity with the ability to schedule reports (CR 12203) – What’s NOT to LOVE?!

One activity to see all my report favorites. Sharing my report with others by making it Public and last be not least, scheduling a report to run on a regular bases. You never have to worry about forgetting to run a report ever again.

Everyone is going to get so much use out of date mnemonics (CR 14450)! You will want to use them in every report and activity! Users got a bonus with this one by getting an updated version of Escape Keys found in Online Resources – Escape Guides. They’re going to LOVE using the mnemonics on searches and reports. You never have to remember to put in dates again! Just use the mnemonics!

Lastly, are all the changes for ACA reporting. There are just too many CRs for my little blog. So you’ll have to read the release notes or watch the recording or both!

If you missed it, no need to worry. You can view the recording and the chat box follow up in the software next week by signing into Escape Online 5 - Online Resources - Release Information - click on the link that says Release Review.

The webinar begins with Finance and then ends with HR/Payroll. We like taking turns.