A Northern Jaunt to Visit Our Customers

redding2 Remember, back in February, when Stephanie's Feedback article said Escape Customer Care was going to incorporate more follow-up via phone? Well, we had an opportunity to take that one step, in fact several miles, further.

So, last Friday, April 17, I took a trip north a bit to spend some time with Jacqueline Hanger and the rest of the crew at Redding School District. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet the newer staff members and say hello again to a few I'd met before. Jacqueline recently moved from her position as Accountant to one as Chief Accountant and we went over some things I hoped would be time savers for her in her busy new role! Sitting with Jacqueline, Phillip and Andi throughout the morning gave me a chance to see how our customers use the software. They asked excellent questions and shared some great ideas for enhancements that would make their jobs easier.  Of course, I couldn't leave their office without getting a group photo!

After my visit to Redding, I headed over to say hello to Tehama County Department of Education. Tehama was one of my very first customers when I came to work at Escape - so they've been working with me for a little over five years! I arrived to a very warm welcome at the county office.

"Here in the TCDE Business Office we love Escape, both the product and the wonderful support staff. We are your biggest cheerleaders." - Jonna Turek, Business Systems Support Specialist

tcde visit 4-17-15