Shasta Union High School District is in the House!!

One of our goals this year is to have Escape Customer Care go on the road, making house calls. But, it is just as much fun to have customers join us at Escape Headquarters in Roseville, CA. Last week, we had the honor of having the Shasta Union High School District staff come to the Escape corporate office for some one-on-one budget training.

I have the BEST job in the world! Not only do I get to show off the awesome software Escape Technology develops, I also get to show off our great Escape Team. I can't take ALL the credit, though. David from Shasta UHSD did a great job orchestrating his team and giving his team the gift of getting away from their desk to come here and focus on ways to make them more efficient. We invited Karen Wiker, Finance Specialist, and Lora Sutherland, HR/Payroll Specialist, to our working lunch. It was a great way to socialize and connect. Heidi Clark, Payroll Supervisor, summed it up perfectly:

"Thank you so very much for the training, Terri! The fact that you took so much time and care to go through all of the current tasks we are doing prior to our training and focused in on ways that we could better utilize Escape really is a miracle! The efficiency and time we have gained is substantial."

Our focus of the day was to show them ways to make their budgeting session less stressful and time consuming. Jennifer Youngblood, Accounting and Budget Supervisor, was so excited about learning new ways to improve her day-to-day activities using Escape tools, she exclaimed:

"I’m looking forward to playing with all the tips and tricks with budgeting."

David Flores, Chief Business Official, said it best:

"Thank you so much for the training! We thought it was a very productive, informative meeting as well. It was also nice meeting some of the other ESCAPE members on the team. It is always nice to personally meet members of the ESCAPE team to put a face to the name. I think it is also a good way to build rapport with the ESCAPE team that supports us. AWESOME JOB YESTERDAY!"

Thanks again David, Jennifer and Heidi for spending the day with me. Who's next?

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