Friday Feature - Multiyear Processing

Today is the day that many districts open up multiyear processing, which is when you can submit and process requisitions and invoices in this fiscal year and next. Most of the organizations that don't have Escape Online open the new year by granting access to a "new database for next year" so they can begin entering requisitions and working on budgets for 2015/16. To get to the "new" database, they have to log out of the current year and into the next year. No one much likes having to work in two different systems. When we designed Escape Online, we listened. So, we made Escape Online a multiyear system. Users don't have to sign in and out. They have one system that crosses fiscal years. They can see everything with one login. We also automated when "next year" resources become available each year, rather than making system managers remember to turn various features on and off. Let's have a look!

This is a screen capture from a LIVE customer for their vendor requisitions. The green highlight shows that users can start entering vendor requisitions for 2016 on May 1, TODAY! The yellow highlight shows that users must stop entering 2015 requisitions on September 15.

You could change these dates every year, but you don't have to. It is not required. It rolls from year to year. That is exactly what I mean by smart. Once you have had all of the discussions about how your department's requisitions are going to work, you don't have to revisit it every year, which saves meeting time and money!

It works for more than just vendor requisitions, too. This same current year/next year concept works for stores requisitions, department requisitions, invoices, journal entries, AP payments, direct payments and employee payments.*

Very smart for system managers. But, what about the user experience, you know, those people entering the requisitions and whatnot? How are they to know which fiscal year they are in?

Escape Online automatically gives the user a choice of fiscal years when they click the New button. The user selects the fiscal year for the requisition or invoice or journal entry and Escape Online does the rest.

Very smart, indeed!

*AP payments, direct payments and employee payments multiyear processing is setup in the Organization record. All other multiyear processing is defined in the Department record.