Beyond Escape User Conference 2015 Kicks off with Keynote Speaker Ron Bennett

The Beyond Escape User Conference has started and we kicked it off strong with keynote speaker Ron Bennett (CEO, School Services of California).  Ron brings a wealth of experience in public business and finance.  He organizes and coordinates SSC's major professional development activities, including the annual School Finance and Management Conference. 

Ron addressed the audience about the effectiveness of school funds being controlled locally, the dangers of recession, and the utmost importance of accurate finance data.  Ron reminded us that during our last recession, 100 out of 1,000 school districts were in financial difficulties; in most cases it was due to a lack of access to accurate financial reporting.

"If we had only known the real numbers, we would not have made the decisions we did," a sobering statement Ron has heard over the years. He highlighted one incident in which a district needed to be bailed out and the Board lost control of their financial funds for 5 years.  

Ron also had "This is the conference you come to, to make yourself better." Thank you Ron for the great Beyond Escape 2015 User Conference kickoff!