Friday Feature – Mass Copy Invoices

Last week, in my blog about creating recurring invoices, I mentioned creating a set of “starter invoices” using the Mass Copy Invoices task, and I promised to tell you more about that task this week. Tada, here we are. Let me tell you about this fantastic time saver!

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We have several customers using this Mass Copy task to create starter invoices for retirement benefits and rental fee invoices for a new fiscal year, copying all of the invoices on the list with one click of the mouse.

The Mass Copy feature goes way beyond just copying, though. There is so much more! It recognizes if an invoice on your list is a “one off” or a recurring.

  • Non-recurring invoices are simply copied to an invoice.
  • Recurring invoices have special logic, where Escape Online copies only the “most recent.” For example, if you have monthly recurring invoices on your list from January through March, Escape Online only copies the invoice for March. This is sweet because sometimes benefits and rental fees change throughout the year and you want to copy the most recent cost!

But, wait, there’s more.

Invoices contain accounts and account numbers can change between fiscal years. What’s an AR administrator to do? Rely on Escape Online to enter the new account number for you! (For more information about how nifty the account roll forward process is, check out the Merging Resources Friday Feature.)

Nice! But, wait, there’s even more.

Escape Online also contains special logic for setting the Invoice Date and Due Date. The Mass Copy considers the fiscal year and the invoice date. So, when you copy from a prior year, Escape Online sets the month to July, leaving the day as is. For example, if one of the invoices on your list has an invoice date of 4/11/15, Escape Online sets the invoice date in the new fiscal year to 7/11/15.

Except, if the date is the last day of the month. Hold on! This part is marvelous because Escape Online uses end-of-month logic. So, let’s say that invoice was dated 4/30. Escape Online recognizes that as the last day of the month and sets the invoice date in the new fiscal year to 7/31/15.

Truly marvelous, darling!