Goodbye Business Office…Hello Tennessee!

Plumas COE became a member of the Escape Family in 2012. We quickly developed an affinity for the beauty of Plumas county and for the hardworking employees of the County Office of Education. Now, we celebrate the retirement of Yvonne Bales, the Deputy Superintendent, Business Services. Plumas COE was my first county customer to move to support after I moved over to Finance support, so Yvonne and her team hold a special place in my heart.  Yvonne has been a great friend and we are really going to miss her!  We are so happy to hear she has great plans for her retirement.  Yvonne forwarded this picture of her new home she’ll retire to in Tennessee next month, how beautiful!

After nearly 17 years in public service, I am retiring from Plumas County Office of Education, and moving on to the next phase in my life. Over the years I have set and achieved a number of professional goals – and missed one or two along the way! But one of the goals that was high on my list was bringing in a new financial software system before I retired. Converting to Escape was a year-long, team effort that was worth every bit of our energy. Even after almost two years using this software, the business and payroll office can find something new to cheer about almost weekly. I like to think of Escape as the gift that will keep on giving, even after I am gone. My husband and I just bought a home in Tennessee, where we plan to spend our retirement years. We have been vacationing there for several years, have friends in the area, and look forward to all the new opportunities ahead of us.

The Plumas COE group: Cherie Whipple, Carla Hamilton, Rhonda Breaux, Laurie Pendray, Pat Brooks, Yvonne Bales, Casey Harding