Zappos School of WOW Leadership Training

Recently, Elen Meltonyan, Jacque Eischens and I had the opportunity to attend the Zappos School of WOW leadership training at Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas.  As you may know, Zappos is known for their world-class customer service, so we were excited to be able to attend and determine if there would be any best practices we could bring back to Escape.

The training included some classroom time, but we also got to tour their facility and sit with support reps and listen in on live customer calls!  We learned a lot and had a few take aways, but what struck me the most was how different our customers are! When a customer calls Zappos, they are a consumer that is excited to buy something from their website.  When a customer calls Escape, they are business professionals inquiring about a complex payroll or finance calculation and typically are on a tight timeline.  Even though our customers are very different, we still have the same goal; WOWing our customers with excellent customer service!

One area I found very interesting was learning about Zappos 10 core values that they live and breathe by.  The core values are the backbone of their company and drive all of their decisions.  Here are our three favorite Zappos values:

  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Embrace and Drive Change

Getting out and seeing how other organizations do things, gives us insight to other perspectives and helps us get new ideas to implement.  We had a great time and walked away with some great ideas.  We plan on making some changes in Escape Customer Care that will improve employee happiness and customer satisfaction.