Changes coming soon for AB 1522 Healthy Family Act

The Customer Care team has received several inquiries if Escape will be doing any programming changes for AB 1522.  The answer is Yes!   We have been gathering requirements and discussing ideas with many of our customers.

In the release 15.02, scheduled for the end of May, you will find the following features:

  • A new field, called Days Worked, is being added to Additional Pay, Adjust Payroll and Leave Transactions.  This field will be used to record the number of days worked and to track who will meet the 30 days requirement.
  • The Leave Transaction activity will be enhanced to include the ability to import leave grants for employees that fall under AB 1522.

In the 15.03.01 report release, scheduled for June 24, you will find:

  • The new Healthy Families Leave Earned (Leave15) report will assist in determining how much to whom leaves should be granted.

Since the ACA Shorts, Setup webinar was so popular in April, Terri has agreed to do a Healthy Family Act Short webinar after 15.02 is released.  Keep an eye out for an invitation.