Friday Feature – Employee Alerts

Employee alerts are a new feature to Escape Online (released in 14.03). As you saw in last week’s Friday Feature about Adjust Payroll, they can be used to help HR and Payroll technicians manage important information about employee benefits and pay. Check it out.

Alerts are set up through the Notes tab in Employee Management. It is simply a matter of entering a date to get the alert started. For example, you can create an alert for an IRS lock-in letter, a garnishment or a court-ordered medical dependent coverage.  (Notes also support follow ups, which we will cover in a separate Friday Feature.)

There are several ways an alert gets your attention:

  • Notifications (by email and/or message center).
  • Indicator in the first column of the Employee Management, Adjust Payroll and Pay Manual Checks list. You can hover over the indicator (A for alert) and see the alert. Nice!
  • Pop up! When you open the employee record in the Employee Management, Adjust Payroll or Pay Manual Checks activities, you receive a warning dialog, ensuring that you know about the alert.

Alerts are a great way to make sure that important information is never overlooked. Alerts keep that information front-and-center! That is why Placer COE requested this new feature and why Escape Technology implemented it