Setting Up Next Year’s Pay Dates

Preparing for a new fiscal year brings with it lots of decisions. One of these decisions is which days to pay employees. Most school districts and COEs run an end of month payroll and a 10th of the month or mid-month payroll.

Setting up pay dates is easy and starts with the Pay Schedules.

  • Go to HR/Payroll>Setup>Payroll>Pay Schedules in the software.

The top of the Pay Schedule form has basic information about the Pay Schedule like the Code, Description, Fiscal Year and Frequency. The bottom section of the form is where you add in your pay dates.

When planning out your Pay Dates, we always recommend you consult your district calendar closely. Be mindful of both holidays and weekends. Once you have your Pay Schedule set up, you will then add it into the appropriate Pay Cycle. Ideally, you will get your pay dates perfect the first time around, but if you end up with a date that needs to be changed, you will want to make sure your old pay date has been changed in all Pay Schedules and Pay Cycles.

Next you will want to contact your Escape HR/Pay Support Rep in Customer Care so that we can help finish getting those dates out of Payroll Processing, Setup>Pay Dates and Payroll Status.