2015 Account Management Webinar Follow up

Thank you for attending today’s webinar on Account Management. Over  75 customers registered and  53 connections for the webinar which means we probably had well over 100 people in attendance.

Searching/creating accounts; using the Transaction Filter/Grid; Reports. –  Marvalee English, Financial Analyst, at Monterey County Office of Education.

Even though the webinar was packed full of account information and tips for searching and entering accounts, the chat box wasn’t too busy for our very own Birthday Queen, Julie Leaman, Finance Specialist! In fact, between all the birthday wishes, there was only a handful of questions which can be found in the Question and Answer follow up that will be posted in Escape Online 5 – Online Resources – Webinar Information next Tuesday.


Easy to follow tips on setting up accounts and using report features. I think we can really use these features to improve processes at our district. – Marisa Clay, Accountant, from San Lorenzo USD.

This webinar would be a good one to show to new employees that might need help adding, entering and reporting accounts.

If you missed the Account Management Webinar no need to worry. You can view the recording and the chat box follow up in the software this coming Tuesday by signing into Escape Online 5 and going to Online Resources – Webinar Information.

Did you know that the Account Management Webinar was a customer requested webinar?  If you have a topic that you would like to know more about, send me an email.

Register today for the AB1522 Webinar Short, Setup, Tracking and Granting, scheduled for June 25th at 9am, by clicking the link or waiting for the email invite.

Stay cool!