Escape Online 5 v15.02 is Now Available!

We are happy to announce that Escape Online 5 v15.02 is now available. Along with some great updates for year end processing, this release is jam-packed full of regulatory changes.

Here is just a sampling of some of the changes you can expect to find in v15.02.

Affordable Care Act

  • New activity Employee ACA that brings all the setup together
  • More changes to the bargaining unit setup
  • Auditing changes in employee management that affect ACA reporting
  • Changes to the Pay60 ACA Measurement Period Report to include new setup and activity
  • And coming up in 15.03, there will be even more changes, including a new activity for reporting and printing the reports

AB1522 – Healthy Families Act

  • Added the ability to record how many days a sub is working through Additional Pay and Adjust Payroll
  • Added the ability to import grants for employee’s without assignments
  • And coming up in a 15.03 report release, there will be a new report, Leave15 Healthy Families Leave Earned, to help track which employees have earned sick leave

STRS Creditable Compensation Changes

  • Payroll calculation has changed to adhere to the new regulations

The full listing of changes can be found in the Online Resources-Release Information activity, and if you have 10 minutes to spare take a look at the top 10 video under the same activity. Tune into Terri’s Release Review webinar scheduled for June 18th.