Rocklin Academy nears the finish line

Kathy Carlson, the Escape Project Manager for the Rocklin Academy implementation, is busily working with Ace Ensign, Director of Finance, and the Rocklin Academy team for their go live date in July!

Ace Ensign – Director of Finance, Brigid Perakis – Director of HR and Operations and Teryl Wittwer – Accounting Technician

On the payroll side, the team has completed pay compares and is preparing for the July payroll, which includes additional setup to accommodate increased staffing levels as well as preparing for health and welfare open enrollment.

In the finance world, the team has completed all the necessary setup for workflow and emailing vendors.  They are also preparing for hosting open work sessions and to train site users when they return from summer break.

We’re excited that the implementation is coming along so well and that they will be live in a few short weeks!