Stores Returns Made Easy

Have you been wondering how to do a stores return for unwanted items? Yes? Well good timing because I am here to walk you through it!

With the store return process you can only return items for one requisition at a time but, not to worry, the process is designed to be quick and simple. Here we go!

First, you’ll want to pull up the Issue Stores activity search page, enter the Department and Return Requisition Number and then click Go.

The list of all items issued from the selected requisition will be on the direct edit list.  From here you will enter the Return quantity for the items that need to be returned and click Post from the tasks menu.

Once you choose Post from the tasks menu, you will be prompted to enter a Post Date for these items.  FYI, this must be within 30 days of today’s date!


After entering the correct Post Date, go ahead and click Process Issues.  You will be returned to the list where, in the Result column, you will see that a return has been processed.

Here’s what Escape Online just took care of: updated the req’s line item to reflect the quantity returned, updated the stores item with the new quantity available, created a record in the Returns tab of the stores item, and wrote reversing journal entries for the expense of the items returned (including a line item for restocking fee!).  In case you are wondering, if the entire quantity of the requisition had been returned the req would have gone to complete automatically.

Now, if you are working with returns from prior fiscal years there are two ways of handling them.  In the department record you can set the Stores Requisition section flag, Prior Year Returns field to either 1 {Post to Current Year} so the reversing JE will be created in the current fiscal year or 2 {Post to Prior Year} and the reversing JE will be created in the prior year.  If the fiscal year has been closed and you have the Department flag set to Post to Prior Year, the user will get an error upon posting.

As my son would say, EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!