Recess at Work Day 2015

Back Row: Ginny, Tanya, Lora, John R., Robyn, Vijay, JR. Middle Row: Jen E., Dawn, Karen. Front Row: Jacque, Dayna, Stephanie, Elen

Escapees took a break from all the hard work they do every day to have some fun at the park! This was our second year celebrating Recess at Work Day. (Click here to read about how we celebrated last year.)

Spring Slam was a hit. Dawn showed what she’s made of by being the only one to throw her Frisbee into the smaller hole on the front of the can! Elen and John beat Robyn and me, but we did manage to score a few points.  Never heard of this game? It’s simple (says the person who lost). You throw a Frisbee and try to make it in the can. Your partner can help out by hitting the Frisbee so it falls in. (No, you can’t catch it and put it in. Nor can you grab the can and move around to make sure the Frisbee lands inside. Nice try, though.)

Had a great time playing fun games! It was a nice way to spend a lunch break and to get to know some Escapees. I continue to be impressed by the culture of this company and I feel fortunate to be a part of the team. – Tanya (our newest employee)

Jennifer E., Jennifer K., Vijay, Stephanie, and Dayna had a bean bag toss game going on.  In addition to these games, a few Escapees played wiffle ball, while others relaxed in the shade. Vijay has great  batting skills because of his cricket playing experience, JR’s pitching skills can’t be matched, and several members of the team are pretty good batters.

Lunch time spent team building with my co-workers was a perfect break during the day. We enjoyed fresh air, laughter, and conversation before packing things up and heading back to the office energized and ready to work!