3 Click Magic on CalPERS Website

In early March, I received a request from Stacey Walker at CalPERS to provide feedback for improving their website by completing some usability study exercises.         

As the Subject Matter Expert for retirement processing in Escape Online, I find myself browsing the CalPERS website quite often looking for answers to improve or update Escape Online functionality, to answer customer questions, and to stay current on upcoming laws and regulations. Even though I could find the information I wanted, in most cases, by browsing their circular letters, technical requirements, and technical toolkits, often times I found myself calling Tim Herrback at CalPERS, who always saved the day by providing timely and accurate information. 

I may not need to have Tim on speed dial now that CalPERS launched their new and improved website. The website has been revamped and several useful features have been added. Everything seems to be three mouse clicks away: technical resources - three clicks, circular letters - three clicks, pension reform impacts – three clicks. I also love the circular letters search – also three clicks away! It took me three seconds to find the new employer contribution rates. 

In my fast-paced environment, these changes have been a huge time saver. It is results like this that are the reason why Escape Customer Care reaches out to our customers for feedback. The more you know, the better you can meet people's needs.

Great job team CalPERS for taking the time to listen to our feedback and improve!