Friday Feature - Requiring Money for Requisitions

The new school year is here and the new budgets have been approved. Teachers and administrators are ready to spend some money. Not so fast! Spending money is great as long as you have the money for what you want to buy. What you really need to do is make sure that the money you are about to spend is actually available.  In other words, your requisitions need to require money!

Escape Online has you covered. Each department (purchasing, maintenance, business office, etc.) can have their own requisitions. And, each department can define which requisitions types (vendor, stores, or department) require money BEFORE a user can submit.

Check it out! The Require $ flag in the Department record lets you specify if the user must have money in the account before they can submit the requisition for approval.


This is a screen capture from a LIVE database, where the Food Services department has decided that a user cannot submit a vendor or stores (warehouse) requisition without enough money to pay for the items.


The budget checking can be at the account or account component level (defined in the Budget Check Option field of the Organization record, which I will detail in next week's Friday Feature!). 

So, if a requisition does not have the funds available for the account/component specified, the user will receive an error message concerning insufficient funds. 


Of course, there are users and then there are power users.  And, Escape Online allows power users to bypass this budget checking. (Yep, you guessed it, which I will discuss in the Friday Feature after the Budget Check Option.)  Stay tuned.  This is some brilliant software.