Friday Feature - Date Mnemonics

Before the holiday, I was telling you about Report Favorites, a great feature that allows you to save report parameters. But, what if you want to run a report with a certain set of parameters the first of every month? Escape Online makes it easy with the ability to save report (and search!) favorites with date mnemonics.

What are date mnemonics?

Glad you asked! Escape Online allows you to specify a "type" of date in almost every search and report date field. We have created over three dozen mnemonics that cover the spectrum of dates, everything from TDY (today) to CFY (the date range for the current fiscal year) to BCM (the beginning of the current month) to CMO (current week Monday). Now, all you have to do is enter BCM to default the date to the first day of the current month. (See the end of this blog for a comprehensive list of mnemonics.)

Check it out. Here is the Monthly Tax Summary (Pay05) report that you want to run at the end of every quarter.

All you have to do is enter ELQ (end of last quarter) and Escape Online is going to put in the correct date EVERY TIME you select the report favorite.

No wondering. No worries.

Mnemonics are also supported in the new Report Favorites scheduling activity (which we are going to talk about next week), so you can schedule the report favorite to run on the first day of every quarter, automatically delivering last quarter's monthly tax summary to your My Reports activity.

Finally, single-date mnemonics support simple addition/subtraction. For example, say you like running the Cash Transaction Detail (Fiscal07) report every day from the beginning of the fiscal year. And, you like to run it as of day before yesterday, because sometimes data entry from yesterday is still being input today. All you have to do is enter YDY (yesterday) minus 1 or YDY-1.

Very timely!

Currently Supported Mnemonics

You don't have to memorize any of the mnemonics because they are displayed in the popup calendar!

BCM – Begin of Current Month
ECM – End of Current Month
BFY – Begin of Fiscal Year
EFY – End of Fiscal Year
BCC – Begin of Current Calendar Year
ECC – End of Current Calendar Year
BLC – Begin of Last Calendar Year
ELC – End of Last Calendar Year
BLM – Begin of Last Month
ELM – End of last month
BCQ – Begin of Current Quarter
ECQ – End of Current Quarter
ELQ – End of Last Quarter
TDY – Today
YDY - Yesterday
CMO, CTU, CWE, CTH, CFR, CSA, CSU – Current Week Monday, etc.
LMO, LTU, LWE, LTH, LFR, LSA, LSU – Last week Monday, etc.
CFY – Current Fiscal Year Range*
NFY – Next Fiscal Year Range*
LFY – Last Fiscal Year Range*
CFYT – Begin of Current Fiscal Year until Today Range*

Mnemonics can also be used in fields on forms. For example, if you are creating journal entries for the last day of the fiscal year, you could enter EFY (end of fiscal year) instead of 6/30/xx in the Transaction Date field.

* You cannot enter a range mnemonic in a single date field (e.g., Hire Date in the Employee) or in a range or a series, nor can you perform math on range mnemonics.