Beyond Escape: HFA and ACA

HR/payroll personnel are having twice as much fun this year, what with the two new healthcare related tasks for 2015:

  • ACA - The Federal Affordable Care Act: Most schools will need to report to the IRS and send forms to their employees this coming January. This is a large undertaking with complex rules and regulations.
  • HFA - The California Healthy Families Act: Most schools will have numerous employees that will need to be tracked and offered sick leave. There are two basic options schools can use to comply with the law, with one being slightly easier to implement, but both requiring monthly tracking. (AB 1522 and AB 304)

On October 8, the Beyond Escape User Conference offers HR/payroll personnel dedicated sessions that will give you an in-depth review of how Escape Online can help you understand, comply and thrive under each of these new regulations.

Our subject matter experts will guide you through the process and answer your questions. You will walk away from these sessions with a better understanding of the law, how Escape Online helps you comply and some valuable resources.

If you have not registered, REGISTER NOW because there are only a few seats left.