Beyond Escape: What is a lightning round

If you are attending the Beyond Escape User Conference, you may have seen that one of the sessions is called a "Lightning Round." We have one for Finance and one for HR/Payroll.

These lightning rounds are a "can't miss" opportunity to learn about the best features of Escape Online in a fast-paced presentation. 

On the Finance side (October 7), Jacque and Julie and special guests are going to shower you with information about the Public Works Reform (SB854) and the Federal Civil Rights Report Survey Request (CRDC). They are also going to show you the thunderous power of searching history records and using templates, with quick strikes on a variety of other topics.

On the HR/Payroll side (October 8), Carole and Robyn and special guests will provide a downpour of info on exporting data and distributing reports. They will also amaze you with a bolt of addon management and using Online Resources as an umbrella of easy-to-access knowledge.

Gather your galoshes and make sure you attend these powerful sessions. 


Stephanie FuryComment