Friday Feature - Calendar Snapshots for Emp/Assign

Last week, we talked about running calendar snapshots using the Calendar Snapshot (Pos12), which showed the system calendar. This week let's focus on the more specialized snapshot, the Assignment with Calendar (Pos09). This report is gorgeous, giving you the calendar for an individual employee's work schedule for an assignment.

Click to see the full report.

Click to see the full report.

Take a look at all of the employee information you get with this version of the snapshot, one page per employee, per assignment. So, if an employee has two assignments, then you get two pages for that employee, one for each assignment. Nice!

Since this is an integrated report, you can set up report parameters to run it for one employee, a list of employees, all employees in a bargaining unit, location, job class, and more.

It is a very handy report for the beginning of the year, or any time!

Leslie BaileyComment