Office Depot and Escape Online

As we announced at Beyond Escape User Conference 2015, we are working on an interface with Office Depot. We have been reaching out to customers to understand their current processes for ordering items from Office Depot.

We have already begun sketching out the changes to setup and vendor requisition processing, but input is always valuable.

We have talked to a lot of users, but have we talked to you?

If you have a minute, let us know how your process works. Do you have one customer account for each vendor? Or can different departments have different customer IDs? (While we are starting with the Office Depot interface, this functionality will expand to more vendors! So, when answering the question about customer ID think about vendors that you would like to interface with in the future, like Staples and Amazon.)

Enter a comment below or send an email to me. Or, if you are interested in being on a list to provide regular feedback to design questions, shoot me an email with your contact information.  

The more we understand how you work, the better able we are to help you while you work.