Introducing Escape’s Product Area Teams

This month, it’s been eight years since I took on the role of Chief Operating Officer and assumed the responsibility of running the daily operations at Escape. I call it the ‘grateful eight’! I’m thankful to be part of such a wonderful company with equally amazing employees! For a small company, we complete a phenomenal amount of work. I won't spend time in this blog discussing the numbers behind all that we’ve accomplished but it’s nothing short of impressive! Still, even when we’re doing well, we continually look for ways to do things better. So, we are starting 2016 with a realignment of our organizational structure by introducing Product Area Teams. Until now, we’ve had a traditional structure, organized by departments (Customer Care, Development, Testing, etc.) and then subdivided by area of the software (HR/Pay and Finance). 

Product Area Teams (PATs) flip that around, consolidating all the different disciplines for a single Product Area into a single team. Each PAT will consist of product owners, developers, testers and support reps. They will set their own priorities, manage their own resources and blend roles as needed to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible. There will be four Product Area Teams: HR/Payroll, Finance, HRAs/Portal and Infrastructure.  Below is an example of what each PAT will look like.

The best part of this is that you, the customer, are the focus! 

Each PAT will also consist of some shared resources, since not each role will require a full time FTE. For example, each PAT won't have a full time documentation or training resource. All PATs will share those resources until the need arises for full time resources in those disciplines. 

However, not everyone in the organization fits into a PAT, so we will continue to have enterprise teams as well: Product Management, Release Management, Escape Technical Support, Administration and Sr. Management. These enterprise teams will provide the necessary support to the PATs and the rest of the company. Below is what the entire organization looks like with the combination of PATs and enterprise teams.

I’m sure you may be curious where your favorite Escape employee fits into PATs so stay tuned, over the next few weeks I’ll go into more details about each Product Area Team and team members assignments.    

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