HRA & Custom Product Area Team

In case you're keeping track, I have already blogged about the HR/Payroll and Finance Product Area Teams and mentioned I still needed to talk about the other Product Area Teams. Today, we are talking about the HRA & Custom Product Area Team.  

As a reminder, the concept behind Product Area Teams is to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality product and support as possible. By consolidating and co-locating individuals with the skills and knowledge of the product area, they’re able to work closely to meet the needs of their specific customers.

The HRA and Custom PAT team is led by Julie Leaman. Although Julie is still ‘officially’ on the Finance PAT, she will be transitioning to lead this PAT over the next couple of months. Software developers, Patrick Kinsella and Tom Henzie, round out the team. Tom and Patrick are responsible for development on HRAs, while Patrick also works on custom interfaces. They are a tight-knit group of three that enjoy working closely together. 

Tom, Julie and Patrick make up the HRA and Custom PAT

Tom, Julie and Patrick make up the HRA and Custom PAT

We feel strongly that HRAs and other custom work belong together since neither fall into the normal release cycle and customer communication is handled differently. Julie is working closely with the other PATs when a custom change is required. All requests for custom changes are channeled through her and she is responsible for the ongoing communication with the customer throughout the lifecycle until the custom change is fully tested and delivered to the customer.