2015 Statistics Review: Payroll & Retirement

All of our numbers increased from last year, which is super exciting. The number of employees paid rose to 144,539, a 12% increase from 2014. Escape Online processed $4,640,080,087 in salaries. Takes a lot of paychecks to get to $4.6 billion doesn’t it? 1,418,005 to be exact. Nearly a million and a half paychecks processed. We could hardly imagine that a few years back. 

One of the stats I find most amazing is the number of ACH paychecks that were emailed through the system to employees, as opposed to printed and stuffed into an envelope. That count would be 405,621. This feature was just introduced a few years ago, and has been solidly embraced by our customer base. And why not, think of how much time and paper is being saved. Just in paper, not to mention envelopes, we are talking about saving over 800 reams or 2 tons of paper. 

Those paychecks aren't processed in a vacuum. Escape Online also processes their W2 statements, ACA forms and retirement. So, let's take a look at what the dollars and volume of data involved in paying such a large number of employees means for STRS/PERS reporting. The total earnings subject to STRS/PERS was a whopping $6,322,837,881 for 2,442,060 retirement lines.

That is a huge amount of productivity. Well done Escape and all our users.