Update on Sierra College Women's Golf Team

For the last 5 years, we have been a proud supporter of the Sierra College Women's Golf Team. It all started when my childhood friend, Coach Kim Silva, told me about their team's need for additional funding. Kim and I met when she was around 9 and I was a teenager. She was one of two young girls that played junior golf tournaments around the state of California. Our love for golf made us fast friends.

The 2015 Sierra College Women's Golf Team

The 2015 Sierra College Women's Golf Team

When I mentioned the team's need to my fellow Escapees, we rallied and created a team for the annual fundraiser and also provided additional donations. It has become an annual tradition that is great fun for a great cause. 

We wanted to let you know how well the team did this year. They were Big 8 Conference champions, came in 2nd at the NorCal Tournament and, after advancing to the State Tournament, finished 4th in the State.

Plus, Coach Kim Silva was named Big 8 Coach of the Year and Deedra Dollesin was named the Big 8 Most Valuable Player.

Great job Sierra College Women's Golf Team! We look forward to cheering you on next year!