2015 Statistics Review: Reports & Attachments

Reports continue to be among the most important tools in our system. This past year, we surpassed the 600 mark, with 640 reports available to our users. Escape users ran 3,379,835 of them in 2015. Based on a 250-day work year, that’s around 13,500 per day. And, while users run a great many reports, they don’t wait long for them. Eighty percent of those nearly 3.4 million reports completed in less than 5 seconds, and a whopping 94% completed in less than 10 seconds. 

Users are also very familiar with attachments. Just in case you aren’t, here’s the brief description: All major records in our system (employees, requisitions, assets, journal entries, etc.) can have any number of “attached files,” just like you do with emails. And our users now have nearly 1.1 million of them. Fantastic. 

And what have we Escapees been doing while the end users are breaking records? Well, as shown at the user conference, we were hard at work on ACA, the Employee Portal and much, much more. To be exact, we delivered 411 change requests over our three releases in 2015. 

This concludes the four-blog posts reviewing 2015 user statistics. Thank you to Escapees Mike Long and Greg Petlowany for the statistics gathering and analysis. Once again, we salute our productive end users out there in the Escape Family. And of course, 2016 will break new records, right?