Happy Anniversary Robin and Susan

Escape is a great place to work. How do I know? I know because of the longevity of our employees. This month we celebrate two employee anniversaries that span decades. 

Robin Fiske

Robin Fiske has been on Team Escape since 1998. She has seen and supported it all, from Escape Classic to Online 4 to Escape Online 5, from Fixed Assets to Purchasing to Integrated Finance. Several years ago, she transitioned from customer support to testing, bringing that depth of knowledge to ensuring practically perfect software.

Robin is very detail-oriented and this makes her a great tester. She thinks about and finds things that the rest of us wouldn’t! The two things I value most about Robin are her ability to make me laugh and that she always approaches things from the customer’s perspective. I can count on her to be the customer’s voice when we discuss changes. 
~ Jacque Eischens, Finance PAT Manager

Happy anniversary, Robin!

Susan Dickinson

Susan joined a year before Robin, in 1997, coming to us from Marysville USD. Susan also began her Escape career in support, but quickly transitioned to development, becoming the report writer guru. Using her expert knowledge of school business, Susan has been the defining force behind the over 640 reports offered in Escape Online, not to mention the hundreds of custom reports school business users run every day.

Over the 9 years of working with Susan, I grew to respect her not only for her immense knowledge of school business, work ethic, and intelligence but also for her calm patience when resolving complex issues. When faced with a problem, she doesn't just apply a band-aid; she is committed to identifying and fixing the root cause of the problem. I am usually one of the last ones to leave the office, but on most days, as I head out turning off the lights, I notice Susan's light still on, keyboard clicking, mind racing, magic happening - another awesome report on the way! 
~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll PAT Manager

Happy anniversary, Susan!