My Air Force Reserve Training

I want to thank Team Escape for supporting me during my annual Air Force Reserve training. This year I was very lucky, having just come back from deployment, to get the opportunity to train in Germany.

It is so good to be back home, but now I am turning my clock back around. I was on the completely opposite sleep/work schedule for the last two weeks. 

My Air Force job is entirely different from this. For the Air Force, I strap down cargo, properly place hazardous goods on the aircraft, handle and honor our fallen heroes as they return home, and inspect rolling stock (vehicles, generators, etc.) before they roll onto the plane. It’s a lot of hard work, humbling and fun when you have a great group like mine. At the end of my trip, I was recognized by the Commander at Ramstein, which was a huge honor. Only four people were recognized, and I was the only Airman recognized from the group.

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back. Even bigger thank you to the Finance team for picking up my slack while I was gone. You guys are the best! It is so good to be back.