5 Reasons to Go Beyond Escape

Beyond Escape 2016 is going to be in Sacramento, October 6 (Finance) and October 7 (HR/Payroll)! Here are 5 reasons why you need to attend.

  1. Learn. Discover more about the activities you already use and gain exposure to upcoming features. ~I learned so much and want to try so much that I am totally amazed at how much the system can do and how powerful.  
  2. Network. Get to know your peers by joining us at the Beyond Appetizers event to mingle and network. ~I had a chance to learn new things, as well as meet other Escape users who can provide useful advice.  
  3. Share. Bring your new found knowledge back to your office. ~So excited to learn all that Escape has to offer and to share with district end users.
  4. Explore. Delve into new areas of the system and see how they can work for you. ~I’m going back and will start to implement this! 
  5. Grow. Meet the experts, at Escape and in your community. ~Great speaker, good flow of instruction & thank you for the Q&A at end of the session. We appreciate it!

Registration is open to all Escape Users who want to attend!