Ahead Of The Curve

As of June 1st, Del Norte COE is officially live in Finance on Escape Online! The team approached us with a few special circumstances that needed to be accommodated and thanks to some creative thinking by Carole Williams and Kathy Carlson, the Escape Project Managers, we came up plan that addressed Del Norte’s need but required them to transition to Escape Online a month early, closing their 2015/16 books in Escape Online. They will be going live on HR/Payroll in July.

"We successfully made our Escape thanks to a great group of people. Their knowledge and skill were invaluable. They really are the "Great Escape!" ~Lori Bomke, Director of Fiscal Services

Below are pictures of the Del Norte team with their Escape shirts on the day they went live!

Carole Williams, the Escape Project Manager for the Finance side of the implementation, was on-site last week completing user training.

Even though June just started, the team is running fast! On requisitions alone, Del Norte already has in place:
•    118 requisitions for 2016
•    24 requisitions for 2017
•    297 requisitions carried over from the old system that are in process

It has been a great team effort by Del Norte COE and Escape to successfully go-live this quickly in Finance and we’re looking forward to finishing the go-live with HR/Payroll next month.