Happy Anniversary June Escapees

We have several employee anniversaries for the month of June. This month runs the gamut, from Chad Guest, one of the founders, to Tanya Karalets, celebrating her first anniversary.

Chad Guest

Chad joined Bob at Escape in June of 1988 as the lead developer (well only developer, Escape had just come into being). Bob and Chad worked together at a previous employer and became fast friends and eventually partners. Chad is customer-focused. He has visited customers, and upon seeing how they used the software, made changes to make it more intuitive. Regarding the massive PERS change in 2012, Anne Castleberg of Ventura COE remarked, "Chad especially has been fantastic." Chad was instrumental in the change, working with both PERS staff and customers. Employees think he is fantastic, too, always smiling, always with an encouraging word.

I have learned from Chad that we can develop software that is more far reaching than I can imagine. He's one of the smartest programmers I have ever known. His hand runs through most all our software. ~ Bob Towery, CEO

Jennifer Stahr

Jennifer (aka Jen*) came to Escape in 2008. She started in HR/Payroll support but has grown into an HR/Payroll guru. She is the ultimate tester and purveyor of truth when it comes to the intricacies of the HR/Payroll software.

Jen* and I have been partners in crime for the last eight years and hopefully for many years to come. We bounce ideas off each other, we help each other fill memory gaps (remember the drawing in Chad’s office…), and we share a very special love for our customers. Jen is the most resourceful person I know – she has a secret pocket where she stashes answers to all questions possible– they’re the most detailed, thoughtful, witty answers one could possibly come up with. She will not only show you a way to have your cake and eat it too, she will bake the cake, decorate it, and present it to you on an elegant plate – no kidding, her hobby is baking wedding cakes! ~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Philip Wong

Philip also began working at Escape in 2008. (It was a very good year for hiring!) Philip has worked in development, report development and testing. Philip is quiet, but dedicated to seeing the job done.

Philip has worked both sides of reports: development and testing. His unique background has been invaluable to timely report releases. Philip is very conscientious and thorough. His witty sense of humor is a pleasure in the workplace. ~ Ramona Marshall, COO

Tanya Karalets

Tanya is one of our 2015 hires. She celebrates her first anniversary as an HR/Payroll support representative. Tanya quickly came up to speed and impressed customers at the Beyond Escape 2015 User Conference.

Tanya joined my team last year and brought with her creativity, passion, dedication to team and customers, and a big huge smile that brightens the room. Even when times are tough and work is piling up, she remains positive and focused. She has learned and grown so much in the past year – congratulations on your first great year at Escape, Tanya! ~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager