500 Escape Users attend 2016 Beyond Escape

Whew! Our User Conference team of 20 Escapee’s pulled out the stops to produce the Sacramento and Ventura user conferences this year. October 6 & 7th, we welcomed over 280 attendees in Sacramento, then a little over a week later 220+ in Ventura COE’s conference space. 

My biggest takeaway is that Escape users are school business professionals, passionate both about their jobs, and their use of Escape software. We got amazing feedback, both where we are doing exceptionally well, and where we can improve. We appreciate all of it. 

These conferences take a lot of effort to produce, but we know attendees are getting a lot of education and ways to improve their usage of Escape back at their districts.

Whether you attended or not, I invite you to visit our 2016 Conference Review pages.

All our session slide decks are there, along with tons of fun pictures of everyone. 

See you next year at Beyond Escape!